MiniMax AI对话助理现已免费开放,欢迎体验智能对话服务。


Introducing Ying Shi AI: Your Efficient AI Assistant Powered by MiniMax’s Latest Language Model

Ying Shi AI – An Overview
Welcome to Ying Shi AI, an innovative AI chatbot powered by MiniMax’s most recent Chinese language model, the successor to the Inspiration AI. Now registered and available for public use, Ying Shi AI serves as a reliable AI assistant to enhance your writing efficiency, inspire creativity, expand knowledge, and assist in decision-making.

Ying Shi AI Chatbot

Key Features of Ying Shi AI

  1. Efficient Writing: Designed to be an essential tool for increasing work and study efficiency, Ying Shi AI can generate structured text based on specific directives and requirements. With capabilities ranging from drafting weekly reports, personal resumes, request emails, to crafting news articles and academic outlines, let Ying Shi AI streamline your writing tasks.

  2. Creative Aid: For content creation, Ying Shi AI offers a productivity boost by providing services for creative content production based on a given topic or scenario. Whether you need a piece for social media, a script for a compelling story, marketing copy for a product or service, or even topical suggestions for your article, Ying Shi AI amplifies your creative horizons.

  3. Knowledge Encyclopedia: For precise and efficient information seeking, Ying Shi AI offers valuable additional information and excels at explaining complex concepts. It covers a wide array of topics, from scientific knowledge to cultural geography, practical information, philosophy, and history. From identifying the most popular tourist attractions in Dali to unraveling the mystery of quantum mechanics, Ying Shi AI is there to provide detailed answers in a continuous dialogue manner.

  4. Decision Support Brain: As an available 24/7 AI assistant, Ying Shi AI can process, analyze, and distill vast amounts of data to generate insightful observations or solutions for your decision-making. It can help craft a product design plan, a market analysis report, or an event planning overview by organizing your thoughts and offering a structured approach.

Getting Started with Ying Shi AI

To begin using Ying Shi AI, follow these simple steps:

  1. Access the web version through or download the mobile application from the App Store or any leading Android marketplace.
  2. Once installed, register with your phone number or log in to proceed to the chat interface.
  3. You can then type or voice input your requests in the dialog box and start conversing with Ying Shi AI.

Ying Shi AI is poised to be a significant addition to your daily tasks, simplifying complex processes, and bridging the gap between human creativity and artificial intelligence’s precision. Join the revolution in efficiency by starting your journey with Ying Shi AI today.